‘Q Mobile’ signs Turkish actress Esra Bilgic as brand ambassador

The face of the brand is…

Ertugrul, the Turkish historical fiction and adventure television series, has won the hearts of millions of Pakistani ever since it hit the airwaves in the country. Besides the drama itself, the nation seems to have fallen in love with the character of the strong and resilient Halima Sultan played by Turkish actress Esra Bilgic. Winning the race, Q Mobile is the first to sign her on and while many rejoiced, others criticised. Actor Yasir Hussain was the first to voice his criticism of signing on an international actor instead of promoting local talent. He wrote on his Instagram story, “Don't you think a Pakistani brand should have a Pakistani ambassador? Not Indian or Turkish?" He goes on to question, "Is Mahira, Saba, Sonya, Minal, Aiman, Amar, Zara, Haniya, Sana, Yumna, Armeena, Sara, Hira... anyone not worthy enough to be a brand ambassador for a Pakistani brand?" The internet stayed divided while more industry individuals chimed in with their POV, many were happy with the decision and cited art has no nationalities.