8 ways to wear Classic Blue, Pantone’s colour of the year
  • 25 Jul - 31 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

It’s official: We’re all about to be incredibly blue. Emotionally, yes, there’s plenty to be down about in the world, but visually, practically, and actually we are looking to be coloured like the sea or the sky. The high court of colour has declared its Colour of the Year for 2020 to be Classic Blue. The shade is what most people would call cobalt or royal blue, the inoffensive, omnipresent hue that colours everything from NASA’s space suits to Milky Way wrappers.

In fashion, Cobalt is not exactly a hot colour commodity. Over the past year, sumptuous neutrals have reigned supreme, but this year there has been a change in direction for the fashion compass.

Colour therapists believe that this shade of blue is meant to evoke peace and soothe anxieties. They also believe that it poses psychic possibilities. If you have enough exposure to this colour over time, you can begin to notice that you’re going to be tapping into some of the higher realms of the mind. If your psychic mind has not yet quite figured out how to shop or style a classic blue ensemble for 2020, let us be your guide. The best eight classic blue options are here.

Ready for a fairytale? Cinderella’s iconic baby blue ball gown has inspired a number of similar dresses over the years. The only difference? Instead of baby blue, go a bit more vivid.

Blue is the official royal colour so it's not surprising that members of the family love to frequently wear it. Remember how elegant Kate’s royal blue shalwar kameez during the royal tour was?

Get ahead of the fashion curve by incorporating this gorgeous hue in a desi ensemble. You’ll surely be turning heads with this one.

Blame it on the gym resolutions sparked by 2020 that royal blue has also managed to make its way to athleisure. And we absolutely approve!

Rich blue is one of the trendiest colours around, and rocking it in a velvet fabric seems extra fitting.

Fashion's obsession with sparkle is still going strong and twinkling blue gowns have pervaded our A-listers wardrobes for all the right reasons.

Opt for the hue in a casual denim co-ord set. This clearly sets some major style goals while just putting minimal effort.

A figure-hugging cocktail gown is a contemporary-chic choice to wear classic blue. You can further accentuate your outfit by adding gold accessories to it.