In conversation: Maha Ali Kazmi talks about Falling Now


Kashmiri born singer/songwriter Maha Ali Kazmi began her musical career back in 2013 as a back-up vocalist for Cornetto Music Icons. Soon after, she released her debut single Nazar. Since then, Kazmi has seen no dearth of opportunities and has been climbing up the ladder of triumph. She released a number of singles which have been very well received including collaboration with guitar maestro Aamir Zaki for Aaj Sun Ke Tumara Naam.

Her most recent venture is her new single Falling Now. The song was released on 20th June, immediately following the release of We Are One (global collaboration song) produced by Kashan Admani. We Are One featured 40 artists from seven countries including Kazmi, all coming together to relay a message of hope during Covid-19 Pandemic.

She’s brilliant, introspective and you can feel the creativity pouring out of her words. MAG recently spoke with the songstress about her new single, her creative process behind the song and much more in an exclusive interview.

For Falling Now, Kazmi collaborated with a Kashmiri music producer Kadla, from Srinagar, Kashmir. “This was big for me. Ever since I visited Srinagar, my ancestral hometown, I had become enthralled with the landscape, the culture, and the people. Kashmir has immense talent, which, due to suppression of freedom of expression, never sees the light of the day. So when I was presented with an opportunity to collaborate with a Kashmiri native, I was thrilled.”

Falling Now falls in the electropop genre which marks a departure from her usual style. Just as music evolves over time, so do the people who make it. And that’s what Kazmi did in her recent song, she has pushed the boundaries of her genre. “It's unlike anything I have done before, but I personally feel that it’s important for our evolution as musicians to remain open-minded. If something resonates with me – be it pop, rock or folk – I like to experiment and collaborate with other artists which sometimes is the best way of making new exciting music.”

Every single song is like a road map to an emotional journey. It has a story behind its composition. What was the story behind the creation of Falling Now? “It happened one afternoon, I was at a café with friends in Singapore and they were playing really hip electropop music. I didn't know the songs. I tried looking them up on Shazam and became fascinated with some of the songs and I knew at once I wanted to do something similar,” says Kazmi. Although, an official music video for the song is yet to be released.

The skillful artist concludes by adding that she will be joining forces with Kadla yet again for more songs in the near future. “We're currently in the process of streamlining new projects. He is extremely talented and, provided with a wider audience, it will take him places.” •

– Alina Qamar