What is the right time to enroll my child in a computer class? He's 5 now.

Computer classes are of different nature, if you want your child to start school then this is a good age to enroll him at a school. If you are asking about particular classes, then gauge his interest and see how long he can sit in front of the screen and then enroll him into classes.

My child is 9 and still has a lot of trouble with writing. How can I help him improve his motor skills?

If you want to improve your child’s skills then give your child play dough to play with. Ask him to make different shapes and structures with it. Lego, puzzles, colouring and painting are a few really good tools to develop motor skills in children.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with online classes. Instead of classes, what are some other activities that I can include in my kindergartners’ routine?

Help gauge the activities your child enjoys the most and develop those; for instance if your child enjoys baking then bake with your child. Do flash cards of different nature with your child at home.

I find that my 5-year-old has learnt a lot from educational videos and cartoon shows. He's well-conversant, a storyteller and observant but there is so much criticism on screen time. I find this to be a very helpful teaching tool but still want to understand what is the right amount of screen time for young children?

There is no right or wrong where screen time is concerned. As long as your child is using the screen time to develop skills, it’s beneficial but most children consider screen time to be an incentive and not every child uses screen time constructively. However, it’s also important that your child has an exposure to nature and has the same amount of time with you and the rest of the family members.

Is craft work necessary for kids? Mine seem to hate it and the school insists on it.

Craft work isn’t necessary but it’s important for the child to learn some kind of craft to know what and where his or her interest lies. Plus don’t limit craft work to art, craft work can be used to gauge your child’s interest towards different subjects.