I looked up an online remedy of using vinegar for skin tags. Is it safe to use?

A big NO to vinegar for skin tags. Please get them removed professionally with the help of electro-cautery; it’s an easy procedure with no downtime.

I am 35 years old, female and want to uplift my skin. I have fine lines around my eyes and pigmentation around my mouth. What kind of skin care routine should I opt for?

At your age, I would advise you to follow a proper skin care regime including a good broad spectrum sun block, some multivitamins including anti oxidants, a retinol containing anti-aging night cream. Also, I would advise you to visit a dermatologist in person to know about the products designed specifically for your skin type.

I have excessive hair growth on my face and I am so annoyed with it. What is a cost effective method of dealing with it? I don't have PCOS or any other hormonal issues.

You seem to be a case of idiopathic hirsutism which responds very well to laser hair removal.

What is the best way to deal with blackheads and whiteheads? I don't get facials done from the parlor, I have my own skincare routine.

They need to be removed first, better do it via deep cleansing. Other thing which really works well is a hydra-facial.

Jade stone roller or dermaroller? Which is a better investment and safe to use?

I don’t understand the working and usefulness of a jade stone roller personally. It’s better to invest in a real dermaroller with 0.25mm needle depth to start with. •