• 25 Jul - 31 Jul, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Alfred was really shocked and he was unable to express his emotions. He was just wondering:

I killed Hannah. If someone would tell me that your dead father has returned alive from his grave, I would believe that. I would definitely believe that. But being told that I’m a murderer of my own sister? Well, that’s not something that I would believe blindly.

Alfred looked at the diary he was holding and said,

Ronald claims that he has evidences. He claims that he has strong evidences that prove that I’m the murderer.

He opened the diary randomly from between the pages and said, If what he is saying is true then, I swear I will kill my own self with the same weapon I used for Hannah. But if it isn’t true, then Ronald is going to pay for it.

He read the page of Hannah’s diary. It was not easier for him to read because she had written everything with a pencil.

Alfred read the first line,

Today, I am feeling really panicked. For the very first time I have come to realise that my brothers can be very mean. My father’s property has twisted their intentions.

Alfred stopped reading and uttered,

Oh, my God! I just don’t believe it. It is true?

He kept the diary aside and looked at the phone he was holding. As he opened the phone after unlocking it, he saw the icon of voice recording on top. He opened the file. The first thing he heard was some woman’s voice as if she cleared her throat.

He paused the video and said,

Alright, I’m going to listen to this audio first. This is Ronald’s wife I suppose. After hearing this, I’ll read her diary. If the evidences turn out to support Ronald’s claim, then I shall turn myself in.

He looked at the door and wondered if he should lock it from the inside but then avoided it. He put on the hands free, increased the volume of the phone and played the audio.

Gwyenth’s voice narrated:

“2015, Hannah was really upset as she discovered that she was about to lose her father forever. She had no faith in her brothers and all she knew was that it was now up to her. It wasn’t just her father’s disease that was bothering her but the fact that he would leave a huge property behind would create divisions in the family.

Alfred on the other hand was admitted in the hospital as he had survived a car accident. Although, he had suffered a major head injury, but his recovery was fast. His father’s money was not what mattered to Alfred back then because he believed in merit and wanted to earn out of his own struggle and hard work.

Ronald was concerned about his father but more importantly he was annoyed about the fact that he would be responsible for his siblings who didn’t really accept him as the senior member of the house. He was expecting the clash among siblings but he didn’t care to suggest something to his father regarding his will.

One ordinary day the three siblings were seated together at Ronald’s house and they were having a conversation. Ronald brought the subject,

“Our father’s will, we must understand that it can be a mischief.”

“I understand that,” Hannah replied. “But I would also like to add that we should not dare to challenge it.”

“We’re not going to challenge it but I want us all to talk to our father regarding its distribution.”


“I mean to say that if he would divide it equally then there would be no disputes and quarrels at all.”

“I agree,” Alfred finally said.

“That’s interfering,” Hannah answered.

“Why? How?” Ronald asked.

“Asking our father to divide his property would be interfering in his decision, and I won’t be a part of this.”

“I’m not asking you to force him. We’re just going to suggest this. The rest is up to him.”

“Yes, that’s reasonable,” Alfred supported Ronald.

“I’m not sure,” Hannah said with an expression of disappointment. Moments later that same day, Alfred got a call for another job interview. He attended the call and was quite excited. He left the apartment stating he had to prepare for his test.


Few days later, Ronald was having dinner at home all by himself when he received a call from his father. He answered the call,

“Yes, Dad?”

“I have something important that I must tell you.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“I have prepared the will. I want to know when I can disclose this.”

“Uh…you want a special meeting for this?”

“Yes,” his father replied firmly.

“Can you share something about it right now?”

“No, I won’t. We will have a proper meeting. My attorneys would be there.”

“But Dad, I’m just saying that we must have a brief clue, so that there won’t be any drama.”

“There shouldn’t be, I’m warning you two brothers. And secondly, I want you guys to know that whoever is getting whatever is because of what they deserve.”

“I was the good son. You know that Dad. You must know that.”

“There were times when only my daughter was there with me. I have been in battles, and I know very well who left me alone in the battlegrounds. And it sure wasn’t Hannah.”

“And it sure wasn’t me,” Ronald answered spontaneously.

“Oh, really? Then, where were you when I started the garments business?”

“I wasn’t with you because I knew that business would fail. I disagreed with your strategies back then.”

“Okay, well I disagree with you right now. Now, I’m hanging up. I’m giving you three days, arrange a meeting by yourself or else I’ll fix the date and arrange the meeting on my own…Good bye.”

The call got disconnected.

Ronald was disappointed with the conversation and he asked himself,

“How can I convince him? How can I make things better?”

He kept the phone aside and pushed the dinner plate away with anger.


One afternoon, Ronald and Alfred were at a park. They were walking together, and Alfred responded to everything he was told:

“So, this is what he said to you?”

“Yes and it is really bugging me,” Ronald replied.

“Well, if this is the case then the two of us, not just you, but both of us are in trouble.”

“Yes, really big trouble. This inheritance was the only way we could gather some wealth. But it doesn’t seem so anymore.”

The two of them kept on walking hopelessly. They both were expecting from each other regarding the solution.

After a long walk, Alfred spoke up,

“You know what I think. I think we should talk to Hannah.”

“Hannah? About what?”

“About talking some sense into our father.”

Ronald shook his head as if he disagreed with him. He said,

“I would rather die of hunger and thirst.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that my pride matters a lot more than that property.”

“I think you don’t realise what this property is exactly. This is worth billion dollars.”

“I don’t care, I will not accept the humiliation from Hannah. I don’t want to convince her of anything. In fact, once our father passes away, I would break off my family relationship with her.”

“You can’t break blood relationship. And Ronald you need to be a little patient. Things will be better with time.”

“I don’t think so, our father clearly stated on the phone that we won’t be happy with his will, well at least that’s what he meant.”

“Is that so?” Alfred asked with sarcasm.

“Look, if you don’t want to believe it then I’m fine. I’m fine with it, but what you need to realise is that our expectations will really hurt us. Do not expect anything good, mark my words.”


One Week Later

Inside George’s library eight members: Ronald Watson, Alfred Watson, Hannah Watson, one charity fund raiser, two attorneys, Marge Watson and George Watson were seated on a table. George was seated on the center side of the rectangular table and all the other members were facing towards him.

The two lawyers were sitting closest to him and in front of every member, the deed of inheritance was placed. Alfred was very anxious and he couldn’t wait until the meeting finally began.

George spoke,

“So, as you all know why we are here, I would therefore like to get straight to the point.”

“No,” Aunt Marge, who was George’s sister claimed, “we are in no hurry. This is a very important meeting, and you must take this meeting very slowly and must cover all the details.”

“Alright,” George answered getting a bit irritated, “we are here so we can discuss the division of my left over property. I am suffering from severe brain trauma, which is why I have to disclose the details of this property.”

He stopped for a moment and then continued looking at his daughter:

“There were only some of you who had supported me in my life’s tough journey, and this is why regardless of the fact that I am leaving the property unequally divided, I am confident that I am not being unfair to anyone.”

Ronald chuckled silently as if trying to taunt him.

“My lawyers are here with me,” George continued, “they are witnessing this meeting and more importantly they are recording it. Therefore, you guys need to be very careful and you must think at least hundred times before changing my will.”

He changed the mode of the conversation all of a sudden:

“Alright, now I’m going to finally reveal the details of the property. My property includes two businesses, three large mansions, eight vehicles, five small plots and the rest of all is bank balance.”

“What about this library?” Aunt Marge asked.

“This library is for nobody yet, I’m still thinking about it. I haven’t decided on it yet. Anyways, the division of the property is as follows.”

Almost everybody changed their seating positions as they gained more interest and were really eager to find out. Alfred and Ronald looked at each other, Ronald gave an expression stating that he wasn’t expecting much from him.

George began:

“I’m leaving behind a property of twenty billion dollars. This is not the exact figure, this is just a round off value.”

He held the document sheet and while looking at it he said,

“All the members who are seated here, all except two, they all are going to share just two billion dollars equally.”

“What?” Marge yelled out.

“What about the other two?” Alfred asked.

There was quite a disturbance in the table as everyone was really shocked which was why George spoke raising his voice,

“Please maintain silence everybody! Let me finish.”

There was silence now. George continued,

“As I was saying, the rest of the property of eighteen billion dollars, it will all go to my daughter Hannah Watson, who has been there for me during better and worse.”

“And we haven’t?” Aunt Marge asked in a rude tone.

“I don’t want to reopen that subject. It will lead to several disagreements.”

“Why? Why do you not want to? Are you afraid that you won’t be able to justify it.”

One of the lawyers who were sitting close to Aunt Marge tried to stop her and calm her but she kept on arguing:

“Let’s do it George, let’s discuss who has been there for whom.”

George did his best to ignore her and said,

“I’m giving my final statement, Hannah will be the owner of eighteen billion dollars and the remaining members will share the remaining property equally.”

“This is very unfair!” Aunt Marge exclaimed.

“And one more thing,” George exclaimed, “a very important thing that I almost forgot to share with you. If by any chance things go wrong. Or let me state this more clearly, if Hannah dies a natural death or if she dies an unnatural death, how the property division would be affected, let me make it very clear…”

to be continued...