Face coverings mandatory in shops – how to make your own with what you have at home

  • 25 Jul - 31 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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Since the lockdown have been eased worldwide, it has become mandatory to wear face coverings in supermarkets and shops. This comes as part of a move to help stop the second wave of coronavirus. The law requires everyone to wear cloth face coverings, and not necessarily medical grade masks used by NHS workers. For this reason, many sites have been sharing simple DIY face covering method. All you need is a t-shirt.

Step 1: Cut a straight line across the width of the T-shirt (front and back) approximately 20cm from the bottom of the T-shirt.

Step 2: From a point two cm below the top right-hand corner of the fabric, make a 15cm horizontal cut through both sides of the fabric that is parallel to the top of the rectangle.

Step 3: Cut down towards the bottom of the fabric until you reach approximately two cm above the bottom edge. From here, make another 15cm cut that runs parallel to the bottom of the fabric to make a rectangle that can be discarded.

Step 4: To make the ties, cut open the edge of the two long strips of fabric. Unfold the main piece of fabric and place over the mouth and the nose.

The four strips act as ties to hold the cloth face covering in place and should be tied behind the head and around the neck.