Expert explains why you should always take photos of your appliances before going out

  • 25 Jul - 31 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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It's a common feeling; you rush out of the house, running late for work or to meet a friend only to be struck by the fear that you forgot to turn your hair straighteners off. Or perhaps you're on your way to the airport, off on holiday and suddenly can't remember if you left the hob/oven on after cooking your last meal. Quickly you find yourself convinced that your house is going to be burnt to the ground by the time you return and you're kicking yourself for not triple checking all the plug sockets and appliances. You could message your housemate or partner to check if you have been forgetful, or you might be tempted to turn around and head home for some peace of mind. But it seems there's a much easier way to calm your worries without ruining your plans. Life hack experts over at have suggested a simple solution to stop you worrying about leaving things on. If you're someone who knows this feeling only too well, they recommend taking a photo of your appliances before you go out. In a post on their website, writer Nicole Dieker explained: "Before leaving the house, take a photo of your stove and oven dials – or your thermostat, or your iron, or anything else you worry about accidentally leaving on. If your brain starts to play the 'Did I really turn it off' game, you can simply tap your photo app and see for yourself."