Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel’s track Past Life music video releases

Selena Gomez and Trevor Daniel have dropped the stunning visual for their collaboration, Past Life. The music video, released on July 14, shows the artists practicing social distancing on Instagram Live amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. However, fans are then taken on a gorgeous journey of various landscapes around the world. "I'm trying to be honest with my happiness/don’t know why I'm bad at this," Daniel sings on the track. "And I don't want to sit all in my sadness/I know it's a habit of mine," Gomez continues. "Perfect, perfect timing/I start but I don't know how to end." Suddenly, the camera stops and zooms in on Gomez, taking viewers on a visual journey. Directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia show viewers gorgeous shots of water, the mountains, the desert and more. Daniel previously released his track, Past Life in March, but Gomez later joined him for a remix of the song. Gomez recently shared with Daniel how much the song resonated with her via a virtual chat.