The Protector – Season 4

  • 25 Jul - 31 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

It's rare to get a satisfactory ending out of a Netflix series. However, with its first Turkish original series, Netflix took a chance and let The Protector run its course - and we are grateful for doing so. We first meet Hakan Demir (Çaðatay Ulusoy), a shopkeeper and part-time con artist. His life changes after his adoptive father, Neset, is killed. Hakan then meets the Loyal Ones, Kemal (Yurdaer Okur), and Zeynep (Hazar Ergüçlü). The Loyal Ones are part of an ancient secret order whose duty is to protect the city of Istanbul from the Immortals. Hakan himself is the protector, who is the only one who can kill the Immortals and prevent the destruction of the city with his talismanic shirt that gives him mystic powers. The main Immortal who was endangering Hakan and his friends' lives was Faysal Erdem (Okan Yalabýk) who was hell-bent on bringing his dead Immortal lover back from the dead using Hakan's blood. The development of the plot was spot on, especially with the multiple back and forth between the Ottoman Empire age in 1459 and present. What's great about The Protector is that it also tries to give its villains a saving grace - they weren't just mindless villains.