Uber Boat launching soon in London

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Uber will soon have a boat option, but unlike its ride-hailing service, it won't be on-demand. Uber Boat is launching in London as the ride-sharing app takes over one of the city's commute ferries, Thames Clippers. Later this summer, the water transit service will be rebranded as "Uber Boat by Thames Clippers." The boats and piers will have the Uber logo clearly displayed, but all operations will remain the same for the company; Uber drivers won't be at the helm or anything. The partnership is supposed to encourage people to use the ferry, which started service again last month after the coronavirus pandemic shut it down for months. Commuting and public transit is starting to trickle back to life in cities like London, but studies find that commuters are hesitant to go back to their old ways.

Rare Super Mario is now the highest selling game

A rare version of the classic 1985 Super Mario Bros has sold at auction for $114,000, the most ever paid for a video game. The cartridge, still in its original packaging, sold to an anonymous bidder. And the US auctioneer said demand "was extremely high", partly because this particular packaging had been used for a short while only. The previous record for an auctioned game was $100,000 - for a different copy of Super Mario. Piers Harding-Rolls, a gaming expert at research company Amper Analysis, said: "Brand new 'old stock' packaged games connected to much loved gaming brands and companies, especially if they are rare versions, have risen hugely in value over the last 20 years. This is because these items are now firmly entrenched in the nostalgia of childhood gaming for many collectors in their 30s and 40s. "As prices have risen, so more collectors have come into the market. These auction pieces now sit alongside other toys and collectibles that command large amounts at auction, including boxed Dinky cars, sealed, vintage Star Wars

figures and pristine Marvel comics."