Omair Rana breaks silence on allegations in recent LGS sexual harassment case


Rana was accused of alleged sexual misconduct when students of LGS 1A1 – where he taught drama class – started coming out with stories of sexual harassment involving certain teachers. Later, the school terminated those who were allegedly involved and suspended two other members namely the main accused – Omair’s wife – Maira Omair Rana (who was part of school administration) and Rubina Shakil for turning a blind eye to the harassment cases brought before them.“Sexual harassment is a heinous crime and should be treated with the seriousness that it deserves. At the same time the dignity and respect of individuals must not be falsely tainted,” he wrote on Facebook. “The law provides remedies for all and I intend to take all steps necessary for the vindication of my constitutional and human rights and to protect myself,” he added. The actor also stated that he was ready to take action against those who published libelous material against him without any proof.