I’ve been working out lately, but I’m having trouble deciding what and when should I eat around my workouts. Please help!

Have a light snack (mainly carbohydrates) before your workout. And a protein rich meal or snack right after your workout.

I have heard a lot of times from my parents and grandparents that Kalonji is like a magic seed and has innumerous medicinal properties. Is that true? How is it good for us nutritionally?

It has medicinal properties. It's good for your liver, kidneys and heart mostly.

I’ve been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I’ve lost weight drastically. Is there a quick and effective way my weight can return to normal?

Yes, eat a well-balanced diet. Exclude cruciferous vegetables and junk/process foods from your diet.

I love eating fish but in Pakistan, fish is something we eat only during winters. How often is it okay for me to eat fish throughout the year?

Although you can eat fish throughout the year, but if availability is the issue then you can go for omega-3 fish oil supplements.

I’m a 26-year-old man who used to eat a lot but somehow I’ve started to lose my appetite. Is there any way I can bring my appetite to the way it was?

Start eating small meals after regular intervals. Stay active. This will help you gain your appetite back.