I’m an introvert by nature, can’t seem to get along with people and I work where extroverts tend to get noticed rather than anyone solely for their work. What should I do to cope up with this kind of work environment?

The best way is to let your work speak for you. Be a diligent employee and let your work shine through. Try to be kind and polite and follow the work ethos.

Due to my financial issues, my degree has not been completed. I’ve wasted a lot of years in depression because of this. Now, I’ve started working but to work in my desired field I would have to complete my degree first and I think it’s way too late for that. What should I do?

It’s never too late to get a degree. Keep working and side by side continue your education. Education is never wasted no matter when you achieve it.

I’m currently in my second year of dentistry but it’s really not working, I’ve lost all interest to continue my studies. Rather, I’ve developed an interest in the field of IT and I’m sacred to tell my parents that I don’t want to be a dentist. Please help.

The best way forward would be to finish your degree so that you have something to fall back on then do a few certifications in IT and pursue a career in IT.

I want to make a career in digital marketing but I do not have a degree in the said field plus I don’t have any experience. How should I secure a job in an agency when I don’t even have any contacts for a kick start?

Do online certifications that will allow you to work at different organisations and try getting an internship or do free of cost work for people to build into your resume.

My sister has a keen interest in international relations but she is very indecisive. Every other day her interests keep changing. How should I help her in picking the right field so that she doesn’t waste her time with experimentation?

The best way would be for her to read about different field and the possible outcomes. That will help her gauge her interest in the said field.