Someone Else's Secret

Two women must confront a shared trauma in Julia Spiro's wrenching Someone Else's Secret. The 19-year-old Lindsey and 15-year-old Georgie bond during a summer in Martha's Vineyard where Lindsey is working as the nanny for Georgie's family. However, when a shocking event takes place on the beach, their friendship is shattered, leaving them unable to face what happened that night for 10 long years.

Fast Girls

Sadly, the 2020 Olympics were canceled, but in Fast Girls by Elise Hooper, readers can journey back to the 1936 summer games in Berlin in Nazi Germany alongside a trio of women who are part of America's first integrated women's Olympic team. Betty Robinson, Louise Stokes, and Helen Stephens leave their hometowns behind in hopes of finding glory, even as the world stands on the brink of war.

The Golden Cage

At long last, the thriller genre is serving up a novel that truly deserves to be mentioned alongside Gone Girl. Camilla Läckberg's The Golden Cage is a riveting story of female revenge that centers on Faye, the wife of a billionaire who brings her husband to his knees after she discovers his infidelity.