Kobe Bryant's latest book advocates for mental health of athletes

Kobe Bryant’s latest project Geese Are Never Swans is another example of how the NBA legend advocated for mental health. Athlete Victoria Garrick was at the University of Southern California when she had a conversation with the player back in 2018. Instead of reminiscing about NBA championships or Oscar winning projects, she asked Kobe for his thoughts on athletes being part of mental health conversations. "A lot of times we try to tell children, young athletes in particular, that you have those thoughts that are your weakness. That's bad. You shouldn't be feeling that," Kobe shared. "I think the most important thing is for us to be aware of what's going on in here. Once you're aware of it, then you can choose to walk hand-in-hand with it or you can choose to fight it but you're making that decision." The book written by psychologist Eva Clark is also the latest project from Granity Studios, which Kobe founded to enable young athletes to maximise their potential through creative storytelling.