Halsey supports Kanye West and shares her own struggles with bipolar disorder

Halsey is asking fans not to make jokes when it comes to mental health. The Without Me singer took to Twitter to seemingly respond to Kanye West's recent comments on social media. "No jokes right now. I have dedicated my career to offering education and insight about bipolar disorder and I'm so disturbed by what I'm seeing," Halsey wrote. "Keep personal opinions about someone aside, a manic episode isn’t a joke. If you can't offer understanding or sympathy, offer your silence." The star who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her teens, continued. Halsey went on to tell her followers, "You can hate someone's actions without contributing to stigma that damages an entire community of vulnerable people all for a couple of laughs." As fans may know, Kanye, who was hospitalised in back in 2016, has been very open about his mental health journey over the years. During an interview, Kanye shared, "What I want to say about bipolar is because it has the word 'bi' in it, it has the idea of, a split personality."