Fatal Affair

  • 01 Aug - 07 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

In a swank house, a man and a woman engage in amorous acrobatics before a large, glowing fireplace. The blaze seems a little ominous. So does the woman’s trip to the kitchen. And, as if to heighten the tension more, should any character say “we’re not done yet” while the movie’s score promises otherwise? Probably not. This is just the start of Fatal Affair. Wearing a gold wedding band with a good-size rock and heading into her and husband Marcus’ newly bought beachfront home, Ellie Warren (Long) is poised to begin living the life. She’s set to leave the San Francisco law firm where she’s been an asset. Marcus (Stephen Bishop) is diving back into architecture work. Daughter Brittany (Aubrey Cleland) is off to college at Berkeley, but they’ve gussied up a room for her in the new house just the same. Soon the lovely couple will be empty-nesters – a good thing because after all these achievements, their marriage needs a little preening. Enter long-ago college friend David (Epps), who’s introduced as an IT whiz. A surprise to Ellie, David has been brought onto her final case for his hacking talents. Even typing that plot point brings perverse delight. Because Fatal Affair, while not a comedy, has much to be amused by if you’re in the mood for a movie teetering precariously on the so-bad-it’s-good borderline.