Street Food: Latin America: Season 1

  • 01 Aug - 07 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

It isn’t Netflix without the monthly dosage of a food documentary. The platform is brimming with these types of series’~and Street Food: Latin America adds to the library. As the title suggests, the documentary zones in on street food in Latin America, and in the six-part series, it ventures to different areas, surfacing cultures and niche areas that we wouldn’t think of visiting. These shows raise further prevalence in today’s world as we yearn for global experiences in the limited society we currently find ourselves in. it is not about food as such. The term ‘street food’ often ignites an idea that you will be visiting an obtuse place rather than a restaurant – it screams experience rather than a sit-down meal; it screams culture rather than a genre of food. You have to smell realness when you approach these types of establishments, not wealth and a franchise. The series is about the story. The journey is more important than the dishes themselves. The first season is intimate and confined to the reliability of the narrative. There are plenty of stories in this series about a ‘struggle’ or a failure that led the central person to this point in their life. It highlights the importance of reputation – how their food has made them urban legends rather than a national phenomenon.