• 01 Aug - 07 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Cursed certainly has the aura of Game of Thrones, but for teens. Despite its confusing plot, overly complicated mythology and sometimes cheesy effects, there's watch ability to it, in part due to its young star Katherine Langford. For those who love a rainy sword fight with wolves, scheming nuns, chosen one stories and elaborate costumes and sets, Cursed provides all the style of good fantasy programming if not quite the substance. Langford stars as Nimue, a young "Fey" sorceress so powerful that even her magical neighbours are afraid of her. After a fanatical militant order of priests attacks her village and kills her mother, Nimue sets out to return a mystical sword to Merlin the Magician (Gustaf Skarsgård) and save her people from genocide. She teams up with a young wannabe knight named Arthur (Devon Terrell), with whom she shares adventures. It takes far too long to really explain its premise, including what dangers Nimue and her allies face at any given moment. It's not until the third episode or so that the stakes and plot start to come into focus. Terrell has his own charm, but the pair has very little chemistry, which puts a damper on the romance plot. It's Langford's charm and the aesthetics that sustain the show when the story feels too slow.

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