Butterscotch Banana Crêpes

  • 08 Aug - 14 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 100 g brown sugar

· 100 g butter

· 4 bananas

· 2 tablespoons bourbon

· 2-3 tablespoons double cream

For Crêpes

· 2 eggs

· 250 ml milk

· 150 g flour

· ½ teaspoon caster sugar


To make the crêpes, whisk together eggs and milk. Put the flour in a bowl with a pinch of salt and sugar, then gradually whisk in the egg mix. Pour into a jug and rest while you prepare the bananas. Put the sugar and butter in a frying pan and melt together. Add the sliced bananas and cook for a couple of minutes each side. Stir in the bourbon, then add the cream and shake the pan so everything is emulsified. Take off the heat. Heat another pan over medium heat and butter the pan. Pour in some batter and swirl around the pan to coat the base. Leave until bubbles appear on the top and the underside is golden, and then flip. Cook the other side and tip onto a plate. To serve, gently reheat the sauce and bananas, and then serve the crêpes with the butterscotch bananas and a scoop of ice cream, if you like.