The Hater

  • 08 Aug - 14 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

The Hater is a Polish film streaming on Netflix starring Maciej Musialowski, Vanessa Aleksander and Danuta Stenka. The movie follows Tomasz as he tries to climb the social ladder and win the love of Gabi, the daughter of his benefactors, towards whom he has nursed feelings for since he was a kid. This might seem like a simple plot, but it really isn’t. If you thought Joe Goldberg was creepy, you’d love to meet Tomasz. He’s the driving force behind this movie. The whole thing rests on his shoulders, and boy, does he do an amazing job with it. The world takes Tomasz as a guy who can cause no harm to others. After he gets thrown out of his law school for plagiarism, he joins a shady PR firm who do the worst possible things to defame celebrities from any field. And it is here that he finds his calling. Tomasz is an agent of chaos. He manipulates people like it’s his second nature. He thrives in the environment of chaos and can mobilise people like no other – rights, freedom and democracy be damned. He stalks, manipulates and ultimately is the reason for the huge tragedy in Gabi’s (and a lot of people’s) life – but there seems to be no remorse behind what he does. It’s chilling and terrifying that he never feels any form of guilt. The plot gradually unfolds a very interesting story.