Aima Baig

Every morning, @AfganRiza walks 15 km from home to an internet cafe to attend online classes. He is not alone. There are countless like him in #Chitral. Listen to their pleas and support their quest for #Internet4Chitral.


"A woman is first of all a human and then your wife, sister, mother or daughter, and she has the right to be recognised by her identity". Support our sisters in #Afghanistan in their campaign for the right to reveal their name.

Wasim Akram

The people of Pakistan should be able to celebrate the rain, not mourn over it! Mix my words, however you like, but too many people suffer every year because of this problem, and that is what kills me.

Hania Aamir

Gaming is not a crime and bans achieve little other than angst and resentment. Instead of shutting down #PUBG, address and counter the issues that are a cause for concern and let them play for it is only but a game!

Osman Khalid Butt

@MukhtarHoonMein bro meray saath bhi kisi dramay mai aa jao taakay meri bhi shaadi ho jaye. Just realised, I'm about 12 days late with this joke.