Food hotline

Mongolian Beef Bowl

We were blessed with an appetising lunch treat by P.F Changs at our regular hectic day at office and our moods were instantly brightened up. I had the Mongolian Beef Bowl and I kid you not, it was delicious. Flavourful and well-cooked (very important!) chunks of beef with scallion stalks which were served with rice, literally made up for a delicious lunch treat and a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon – was a cherry on top. The serving size was pretty good, considering the fact that I couldn’t finish, despite it being very saucy with a slightly sweet flavour which kind of adds a depth to the flavours. Full marks for sure!

Chang’s Crispy Honey Chicken Bowl

Let’s just say, arguably the best honey chicken I’ve ever had. That fusion of sweet and slightly sour flavours delivered a sharp kick. It was so light and crispy and sweet. This honey chicken featured crispy pieces of chicken that were fried to golden brown perfection, and tossed in a sweet and savoury honey sauce. What made the dish flavoursome were the brown rice with thinly sliced vegetables. All I can really say about this crispy honey chicken is that you.need.to.try.it!

Tempura Bowl

Shrimp tempura on a bed of rice and veggies fried in tempura batter was enjoyed while it was still hot. Although, the shrimps were perfectly cooked and I do call myself a seafood lover, I found myself highly favouring and digging out veggies fried in tempura batter. The natural flavours, freshness and well seasoned batter of the carrots and asparagus won my verdict. My spice preferences tilt to the hotter side and I found the Tempura Bowl pairs really well with the chili sauce that comes with the condiments.