Buckle Up!

Sure, shoes and handbags are worthy of the attention they frequently receive, but this year, there is no ignoring the accessory that makes every outfit more flattering: belts. IT girls like Gigi Hadid, Emma Watson and Blake Lively have been cinching them over dresses and coats, into the belt loops of their jeans, and over jumpsuits as of late, proving that it's a simple way to define your waist and add interest to your look. And given how much we love accessories, we had to get on this stylish bandwagon ASAP! We rounded up a bunch of trendy styles that celebrities are wearing and they are all so smart!

Breathing new life into a coat is hard! But there's a two-second style hack you can try that's too refreshing, and i.e. use a belt to make your coat more flattering.

Adding a black belt to your cocktail dress will complete your outfit in an understated yet glamorous way.

You might associate corsets with Victorian dressing but the trend has managed to seep into the mainstream. So, don’t shy away from including this accessory in your everyday wardrobe.

Break up your jumpsuit by cinching an embellished belt. By adding a belt to your jumpsuit, you'll help define your waist in a highly flattering way.

Add definition to an all-white look with a slim yet eye catching silver belt.

Want something different? Try a belt bag. Not only is it chic but it also is very handy.