I’m a business student and my degree requires me to do some internship before I complete my degree. I have my first job interview in two weeks time and I’m extremely nervous. How should I prepare for the interview?

Read about the organisation, the role you’ve applied for and the possible outcomes of this experience. Practice answering all these questions in front of the mirror and make sure to follow all the rules for an interview.

I’m really passionate about teaching. Wherever I apply for a job, they require experience and I don’t have that. And I’ll need a starting point to show my capabilities. What should I do?

Volunteer, do freelance work and get all sorts of experience while you can. All this will contribute as work when you apply for a job.

I have done my bachelors in computer science and now my interest is diverted to business studies. I’m thinking to go for MBA. With this change in field will be worth it?

Education is never wasted, especially when you are interested in a particular field. If anything, this should enhance your resume and should help you land at a better job.

I don’t have a degree and in today’s time degree is a basic requirement for jobs. I’ve done a few computer courses though. What should I do to start earning on the basis of my certifications for the time being?

Experience is very important, start working. Take freelance projects, volunteer and do work and don’t over charge your clients. Let your work speak for you.

I have opted for Arts in my bachelors and it’s about to end. But all my friends tease me that there is no scope of your field here. I’m very heartbroken that my degree will be wasted. Please help! How can I explore opportunities with mentioned academic credentials?

Arts is not a waste of time. Work hard and make your own worth in your own home country and see how prosperous you are!

I am a ninth grade student. I want to know if there is any way I can earn income through social media in an easy way and without investing or making any expenses.

There are several ways of earning money through social media, highlight your strengths and start taking projects. You can make DIY videos on YouTube or run an Instagram/ Facebook page.