08 August, 1908 – Wright Brothers publicly showed their flying machine for the first time

The human air flight pioneers displayed their flying machine and its capabilities at a racecourse in France, five years after they made their first successful flight. The flight piloted by Wilbur lasted only for one minute and 45 seconds.

09 August, 1930 – Betty Boop made her debut

The animated cartoon character made her first appearance in the cartoon, Dizzy Dishes. Thought to be modeled after singer Helen Kane, she is one of most recognisable cartoon characters in the world.

10 August, 1675 – Foundation stone for the Royal Observatory was laid

Commissioned by King Charles II of England, the Royal Observatory started operating in 1676 under the supervision of John Flamsteed, the first British Astronomer Royal.

11 August, 1962 – The Soviet Space Agency launched Vostok 3

The spacecraft was piloted by Andriyan Nikolayev, the first cosmonaut to have orbited the Earth 64 times in four days.

12 August, 1990 – The largest dinosaur fossil was found

American paleontologist Sue Hendrickson found the remains of a T-rex in the state of South Dakota. Sue, as the dinosaur is now informally called after its discoverer, is thought to have been 14 feet tall when alive.

13 August, 1960 – First two-way telephonic conversation with a satellite

The conversation was made possible due to NASA’s Echo 1, a balloon satellite. The satellite worked as a reflector – signals sent to it were reflected back to the Earth.

14 August, 1947 – Pakistan became independent from the British rule

The South Asian country was part of British India Empire, until August 14, 1947. The new country became a part of the commonwealth and appointed Liaquat Ali Khan as its first Prime Minister.