Sartorial Drama

Fashion trends for 2020 are all about embracing a bit of drama

If 2019 was about playing safe with classic silhouettes, neutral colours, and predictable textures, 2020 is high on drama. Think exaggerated sleeves, vibrant yet deep colours, bold silhouettes, and overall everything that makes you stand out. From fashion industry’s best to global street style fixtures have approved this spectrum of fashion trends to help you make the right sartorial statements in 2020.

One of our favourite trends for 2020 are all kinds of exaggerated sleeves – bell shaped, ultra long, and oversized – love them all! These sleeves not only help you add drama to your outfits, they also give a cool-girl spin to your wardrobe basics. Fashion girls everywhere have been paying attention to this one little detail every time they go out shopping. They may not be practical, but extra-long sleeves are totally in fashion at the moment. These sleeves have taken their place on button-up shirts, delicate tops, casual knitwear and even glamorous dresses as they continue to dominate the world of street style.

There are certain trends that basically come "in and out" every few seasons. They’ll rise up in a noteworthy way one year only to basically die down the next before they rise back up, and so on. Peplum tops are one of said trends. You probably have a few peplum shirts in the back of your closet from when the trend dominated a few years ago and everyone (legit, everyone) seemed to wear them thanks to their inherently chic and elegant nature. Well, it may be time to include pretty peplum-detailed pieces in your arsenal of standbys this year. That’s right, some of the biggest runway heavy-hitters showcased modern interpretations of the trend with ruffle-like accents and cropped shapes throughout their collections. Welcome back, peplum.

Trains are yet another gorgeous trend making a comeback this year and we love nothing more than a gown or a chic top with a gorgeous train. Trains have never been vogue like this before. The trend that was limited to our Eastern brides to pair with their beautiful lehengas is now also being flaunted in casual and party attire. This trend is here to stay for a long time now and ladies today aren't getting over it anytime soon!

Another silhouette that is hot this year is high slit. Let’s admit it, nothing looks elegant and sexy as a high slit dress. It gives the right amount of glamour to make heads turn. It is all about the high slit so you can expose according to your comfort. You don't actually have to go with a thigh-high slit. You can take a mid-calf or just a small slit. Just the idea of having a front or side slit will add to your look and you can decide the length as per your choice and comfort.

• Hair & makeup: Imran Aslam
• Designer: Tabassum Mughal
• Coordination: Umer Mushtaq
• Photography & Styling: Sheheryar Adil
• Featuring: Sarah Khan