Rabab Hashim

This one is coming real soon! Started the project in late February and we resumed work post-lockdown in July. Oh this heat! #qarrar #comingsoon #fareeha

Feroze Khan

Before anything we are humans and that’s what we were called Ashraf-Ul-makhluqat for. Islam is the rule of discipline, for those who before you’re human you can’t be Muslim. Be human to the nature, be human to other human...just be human.

aijaz aslam

Bts of Log kya kahenge, thats how we shoot the most intense scenes. Its a lot of hard work, requires focus and concentration. Thank you for loving it and keep giving your feedback, the coming episodes will be super emotional.

Ushna Shah

Before some journalist misquotes me, let’s dissect my tweet: “I’m sick of this Pakistan” is me talking TO Pakistan, saying I’m sick of this. “What’s wrong with so many people here” is me stating facts: animal abuse is an undeniable problem here.

Shaan Shahid

Aay Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano by Noor Jahan, loved directing this project. It was a passion project for me as the artists and the soldiers were fighting the war together.