Sonya Hussyn faces backlash for her statement on autism


Actors serve as a role model for many. They can have a positive as well as a negative influence on their fans which means they have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They cannot afford to spread misinformation on sensitive topics like certain major health issues. It’s easy to be duped by celebrities peddling false health claims. Recently, Sonya Hussyn faced a lot of backlash for being irresponsible and spreading misinformation about autism. Hussyn will be playing the role of a schizophrenic girl in an upcoming drama serial, Saraab. The poster of the drama that was shared by the actress listed down a number of symptoms for the illness and autism was one of them. After seeing the poster, a mother of two children with autism commented, “Autism is not a mental illness; it is a disorder. I have Masha Allah two kids who have autism so I know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, a great message and very important to highlight it and create awareness about a very sensitive topic.” To which Sonya replied, “It is one of the symptoms in schizophrenia.” Her reply led to a number of comments where she faced the wrath of people for being irresponsible and not doing her research properly.