Shahid Afridi and Ertugrul fame Cengiz Coskun bond over sports and more


It’s no shock that Dirilis Ertugrul has been breaking records and proving to be one of the most liked TV content airing in Pakistan this year. In a recent interview hosted by Waseem Badami, one of many present’s most sought out characters Turgut Alp (performed by Cengiz Coskun), was invited to speak about his expertise and increasing popularity in Pakistan. Together with his previous experience related to sports activities, the Turkish actor immediately hit it off on a pleasant conversation with Shahid Afridi and the duo shared invitations and pleasure on the prospect of sharing sportsmanship. “I used to play basketball for 10 years,” revealed Coskun. “Played professionally for three years, but when I got injured, I started modeling, then acting, and now I’m here in front of your eyes.” Surprisingly, he was even open to the potential of working right here. “If I see myself in the middle of a brilliant script, or some project excites me, I would love to be in it,” he exclaimed. All in all, it was a fun conversation.