Religious content should not be monetised, says Bilal Maqsood


The lead singer and musician Bilal Maqsood has recently expressed that religious content like Duas and Surahs should not be monetised on YouTube. Sharing on his Instagram account, the singer said that it seems very strange while listening to a Surah or Dua on YouTube; and suddenly you get to see random clothing or a cooking oil advertisement. The singer felt the need to express his feelings while listening to Surah Rehman and rightly said by him, it seems inappropriate when all sorts of endorsements pop up. Bilal Maqsood voiced his opinion that religious content on YouTube should not be monetised so that viewers can listen or watch the required video without any interruption. And especially it ruins the tempo whilst listening to any religious content. Bilal Maqsood has recently recovered from the corona virus and has been keeping his fans updated about his new music videos.