I’m a 38 year old woman who had a lot of acne while growing up. Thank fully the acne has gone now but I just can’t seem to get rid of the scars. What would you recommend for scar reduction?

Scar treatment is always challenging. As we age we loose collagen and elastin fibres and our skin becomes lax thus making the scars more visible. Therefore, we advise certain procedures to improve their appearance. The suggested procedures may vary according to the type of skin and the type of scars you have. Treatment options may also vary according to your lifestyle and also if there are some budget constraints. We can customise your treatment plan and offer you treatment options like chemical peels, micro-needling, radio-frequency, PRP, fractional CO2 laser, HA fillers, subcision or surgical scar revisions.

My baby was born with a pinkish mark on her cheek. People call it ‘strawberry mark.’ What is this, and is it something I should be concerned about?

Strawberry marks or strawberry hemangiomas are seen in around four to five per cent of babies, typically appears within a month. Weather to treat a hemangioma or not depends upon certain factors including the size, the site or location of the mark, weather it’s ulcerated and also the type of hemangioma. In many cases hemangiomas completely resolve on its own without a treatment but sometimes we need to treat it timely and aggressively before it gets complicated or infected or if there is chance of a permanent scar. After having a look, your dermatologist may guide you about the available treatment options.

I’m starting to have a lot of dandruff. I’ve been using an antidandruff shampoo but it doesn’t seem to work. Do antidandruff shampoos actually work? Is there any other way to prevent dandruff?

If over the counter shampoos and treatments are not working then you might need to see a dermatologist to get prescription medicines. Dandruff is something that might worry you for a long time and it needs a proper and regularly cleaning of scales that may build up over the period of time. We prescribe medicated formulations according to the patient’s condition. Some may respond to exfoliant like salicylic acid in an appropriate base, for others we might need to add sulphur and some steroid as well.

I don’t know why but I keep breaking out along my lip line. Please help!

In that case u might need to see if you are using certain lipsticks/lip glosses or lip balms that might be too oily or occlusive. We also need to rule out if that is an acne breakout or a cold sore.

Recently, I started using a dermatologically tested SPF 70 sunblock. Since I started using it I have been getting acne all over my face. Why is that? Should I stop using it?

Yes please, stop using it. Your sunblock should be sebum control and non-comedogenic. Preferably gel based that doesn't feels thick on your skin. •