My home isolation as a Covid patient

A few weeks back, I developed a sore throat and slight fever. I got myself tested and got a positive result. It came as a shock as I wasn’t expecting to test positive for Covid. I thought I had been careful in following all the guidelines and maintaining proper social distancing. Thankfully my symptoms which were mild lasted only for three days. I immediately isolated myself in my room from my family. I was worried about the possibility of already having passed the infection to my family, so we got everyone tested. Only my husband’s result came positive. The rest of the family was negative. Covid took an emotional toll on me as the anxious part in me came alive. I checked my oxygen levels after every one hour always fearing it would suddenly drop. I kept watching YouTube videos from recovered patients which added to my anxiety. The worst part wasÊduring the first few days of quarantine, I kept fearing that my symptoms would get worse around the seventh or eighth day as I had read all over the internet. After the 10th day, my anxiety started getting better as I felt that I was close to recovery. I have a few tips from my personal experience which can be helpful for anyone going through mild symptoms of Covid.

• Please follow your doctor’s advice.

• Take care of your diet and fluid intake.

• Take plenty of rest and make sure you get some fresh air and sunlight during your isolation.

• Stay away from reading negative articles about Covid. It will only add to your anxiety and stress levels and make you feel physically worse.

• Stay connected online to people who have a positive influence on you.

• Meditate and practice breathing exercises ( with your doctor’s consultation).

• Try to maintain a positive mindset. Your body will fight the virus. You must fight the negative thoughts.

• Being isolated can cause depression and irritation in people. Remember that each new morning brings you closer to your recovery.