15 August, 1969 – The Woodstock Music & Art Fair opened its doors

The iconic music festival, popularly known as Woodstock was held in Bethel, New York at the 600-acre farm of farmer Max B Yasgur. Over 400,000 people attended the festival.

16 August, 1858 – The first transatlantic telegraph message was sent

The message was sent by Britain’s Queen Victoria to American President James Buchanan, read 'Europe and America are united by telegraphic communication'.

17 August, 1978 – The world's first transatlantic balloon flight was complete

The feat was accomplished in a balloon called the Double Eagle II. It took Abruzzo, Anderson, and Newman six days to fly from Preque Isle, Maine to a barley field near Paris.

18 August, 1612 – The Pendle witch trials began

11 people are tried for practicing witch craft in one of UK's most well documented witch trials. The trial lasts for two days and 10 of the accused are found guilty and executed.

19 August, 1964 – World’s first geostationary satellite was launched

Syncom 3, a communications satellite was launched from Florida. A geostationary satellite is a manmade object that follows the Earth’s rotation around its axis.

20 August, 1975 – Viking 1 was launched by NASA

NASA launched Viking 1, using a Titan launch vehicle. It became the first space probe to successfully land on Mars.

21 August, 1911 – The Mona Lisa was stolen

The famed Leonardo da Vinci painting was stolen by a Louvre employee. It was recovered two years later in Italy.