Elle Fanning to play Michelle Carter in the new Hulu series

The actress is set to portray Michelle Carter in the new series The Girl From Plainville, based on the Esquire article written by Jesse Barron. Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2017, three years after her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, committed suicide. According to NBC, prosecutors claimed the then-17-year-old encouraged a suicidal Conrad to take his life, as evident in the hundreds of text messages Michelle sent him in the days preceding his death. She was sentenced to serve 15 months and five years probation. The teen and her legal representatives tried to appeal the conviction numerous times, but were struck when the United States Supreme Court declined to hear their argument. Carter was released from prison that same month, with officials citing good behaviour. Elle is fresh off the success of the show The Great, which is also on Hulu. The fictionalised series about Catherine the Great, empress of Russia, was greenlit for a second season.