Get Even

  • 15 Aug - 21 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Get Even is surely not an average teen high school drama. Four girls suffer through the usual high school problems at a prestigious school while forming a secret group that looks to humiliate bullies. On the first day of school, the soccer coach is honoured with a tribute video, but the video that gets played instead are surreptitious shots of the coach berating various members of the teams he coaches. The end of the video says “Courtesy of DGM.” Apparently, DGM is well-known around campus; the students chant the initials as the coach slinks out of the assembly. On the roof of the school, for girls from very disparate backgrounds meet: Overachieving scholarship student Kitty Wei (Kim Adis), pretty and popular Olivia Hays (Jessica Alexander), nerdy and shy American Margot Rivers (Bethany Antonia), and rebellious Bree Deringer (Mia McKenna-Bruce). Though they’re not friends, they formed DGM (which stands for “Don’t Get Mad”) out of a desire to call out and embarrass the bullies at the school, be they students or teachers. No one knows that they’re doing this. After their latest takedown, the girls go back to prep school life, as by Kitty’s rule they’re not supposed to pull another takedown for six weeks. But their lives away from DGM have the usual high school issues. Get Even definitely has more of a teen-show vibe and takes the viewers along on a very interesting journey.