• 15 Aug - 21 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Did you realise that every selfie you take is being used to train some of that software? Puzzled? Then take a look at Connected, a docuseries hosted by journalist Latif Nasser. In the first episode, about surveillance, he is fascinated with the fact that every night he puts his two-year-old down in his crib and then watches him on the video monitor, not just to see if the kid is okay, but to just observe. It leads him to discuss how surveillance – both the good and the bad is endemic to the existence of all living things. He hops from the woods in Delaware to a research farm in Scotland, to a facial recognition exhibit in Milan, to a zoo in Palm Desert and attempts to connect different kinds of surveillance together to paint an overall picture of how and why we are observers. In Milan, he sees that facial recognition is a technology that dates back close to 60 years (and whose original files are still classified), and when he looks at the wall of shots that the software used to “learn” faces you can clearly see the transition from mug shots to the use of celebrity photos off the internet to the current use of billions of social media selfies. It is a really good show and Nasser has a fun presence who discusses the topics in a fun manner.

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