My age is 23 and I have small, often painful whiteheads under my eyes. How can I get rid of them and why do I have them specifically under my eyes?

Under eye area is devoid of sebaceous glands. So having whiteheads in that area is quite unlikely. What you are having are probably milias. Milia are small, bump-like cysts found under the skin. They are usually one to two millimeters in size. They form when skin flakes or keratin, a protein, become trapped under the skin. Milia most often appear on the face, commonly around the eyelids and cheeks. We normally deroof it or destroy it with gentle cautery or cryotherapy. While at home you may try some retinoid containing cream at night.

My palms get really sweaty when I moisturise that’s why I avoid moisturising them. But that has made my hands super hard and rough and it’s just embarrassing shaking hands with people as they always tell me how weird my hands feel. Is there any other way to make my hands softer?

Try to moisturise them just after shower when they are damp. If sweat appears then clean the excess with a wet towel gently. You can try using water based lotions during day time. At night take help from thick moisturisers. Normally people don't sweat much at the time of sleeping. So let the moisturiser sit for the night.

Please help, I am in desperate need. I have an extremely oily skin, which is why my pores get so large and I break out a lot. I do take care of my skin but that's beside the point, it's just that I have lots of scars and large pores. I hate it so much. Even makeup can’t hide my super large pores. What should I do?

You may benefit from products having sebum control properties. Select sunblocks that are gel based. Moisturise your face with water based moisturiser containing hyaluronic acid. You can try Defyderm hydrating serum. If the breakouts are persistent your dermatologist might recommend you topical or oral retinoids.

Hello, I have a very dry and thin skin on my legs. I have tried all sort of prescribed lotions and oils. Could you please give me advice for this problem? Many thanks in advance.

The best advice for dry skin is to moisturise adequately and frequently, specially as soon as you come out of shower. My patients also benefit quite much with tablet Ceramo, it’s an oral moisturiser.

How can I treat the constant flakiness on my nose? Peeling, moisturising, nothing helps and makeup looks bad on that surface.

We need to look for the cause first. Please check if you have dandruff on your scalp or any other scally rash on your body. Try to use a sunblock in the morning and a good quality moisturiser with hydrating properties. Switch to a pH balanced facewash. If the patch persists you may need to see a dermatologist.