Agha Ali and Hina Altaf slammed for making fatphobic comments


We watch a lot of TV. We read a lot of books. We watch a lot of films. We can tell you, without hesitation, that most media we consume has at least one instance of fatphobia in it, whether it’s casual and banal or acute and purposeful. One such incident happened during Nida Yasir’s morning show where guest stars Agha Ali and Hina Altaf, while sharing their wedding story made some fatphobic comments. Ali said very casually that the only promise he took from Hina at the time of their marriage was that never to get fat. Altaf also narrated the story and added an incident where Ali showed him someone’s picture and said, “Agar itni moti tum hogaen tou mein aap ko…” Then she was interrupted by Ali. After the video got viral, the two faced a lot of backlash for their fatphobic comments. Clearing the air, Ali said, “I asked my wife not to gain unnecessary. She is an actress and need to look fir as no producer or director or writer would like to have an overweight heroine.” Whether Ali’s clarification cleared the air or not, but it definitely showed the problematic “beauty standards” that prevail in our entertainment industry.