Sarwat Gilani says Pakistan doesn’t have a platform to show “progressive and real stories”


TV’s been an institution in homes around the world for decades now. It’s what families do at the end of a long day, and these days, it’s the way a Saturday afternoon gets frittered away. Many shows come and go without much noise. Others are remembered for their quality, either because it’s very high or very low. There are some TV shows that are remembered for reasons that have little to do with quality, though. Some shows are remembered for the controversies they caused. These controversies can come in a variety of forms. Sometimes they occur because a show brings up realities that its audience is not ready to confront. Other times, the show is in the wrong, typically for depicting something that’s insensitive or in some way a betrayal of fan engagement. Recently released Pakistani web series Churails has also stirred some controversy. Churails revolves around four women who set up an undercover detective agency to expose philandering husbands. One of the