Franny Stone has just arrived in Greenland, and she’s on a mission: to track the last migration of the Arctic tern. Set in a world similar to our own, Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy is a bleak look into a future where wildlife is disappearing at a rapid rate, leaving Franny desperate to chase the terns before they’re gone for good. But why that bird? In uncovering the answer, McConaghy paints a gutting portrait of a woman worn down by a world she never quite fit into.


Can sisters ever be too close? It’s the question at the core of Daisy Johnson’s unsettling new novel, which traces the plight of teenage sisters July and September. The girls recently moved with their mother to a remote cottage on the coast after fleeing their home in Oxford. In unraveling exactly what the sisters are running away from, Johnson crafts an aching thriller about the dangers of loving too intensely.


Like its predecessors, the fourth and final installment of Ali Smith’s beloved Seasonal Quartet series is anchored in the very real tensions of our present moment. Set against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, Summer dives into our current sociopolitical landscape through the story of siblings Sacha and Robert. As the duo attempts to understand their place in the world, Smith weaves in characters from the past books and tackles issues like immigration and Brexit.