Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks prove they're still going strong

Fresh off from the many personal details ex-wife Miley Cyrus spilled about their relationship, the actor was spotted enjoying some alone time with his girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks. The Aussies were photographed on a lunch date in Byron Bay, where the 30-year-old actor has spent most of his time since his split from Miley one year ago. At the time of their divorce, a source told E!News that Liam had escaped back to Australia to spend more time with family. "He needed to get out of the town and away from it all to be able to get some perspective," the insider explained. It's there that his romance with Gabriella, a 24-year-old model, began in early 2020. Added the insider, "They both can completely be themselves and take things at the face value. She's low key and down-to-earth. So far it's been very easy and fun."