World’s Most Wanted

  • 22 Aug - 28 Aug, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

World’s Most Wanted is a new Netflix docu-series. Once again we’re in the true-crime genre and this one covers cases from all over the world. You should still have heard of every single one of these crimes. You might not know the name of the wanted criminal, but you will surely know of their deeds. This documentary series should also come with a warning: This is real life and it is full of death and murder. It is extremely brutal and direct. Season one has just five episodes and while some end with the wanted person being caught, others do not. You’ll find some episodes more disturbing than others. For whatever reason, some crimes will always hit harder than others. Watching an episode about the drug cartels in Mexico was a tough way to begin and features a lot of death. Then, the next episode featured the genocide in Rwanda. Not because it isn’t good, but because it is so grotesquely brutal. And real! And we do need to watch these things to try and understand which can hopefully lead to preventing future events of this magnitude. Maybe being reminded of just how cruel human beings can be to one another will influence someone, who can and will make a difference in the future.