Shamoon Abbasi to star in upcoming web series, Akela

Thrillers never, ever, ever go out of fashion. No matter what else is happening in cinema, audiences always want films that get their hearts racing. To be fair, we're never likely to get bored of chases, suspense and drama. But what's often forgotten is that thrillers are where a lot of the most innovative and distinctive writers and directors do their best stuff – after all, thrillers live or die by keeping audiences intrigued, so filmmakers are always exploring new ways to ratchet up the stress. And one such thriller drama is the upcoming web series Akela, starring Shamoon Abbasi in the lead. While speaking to a publication, Shamoon said, “We shot Akela a year ago; I came up with the central idea while Sohaib Khalid and Sherry Shah have directed it. It is written by Shahid Nizami.” As per Shamoon, the series is expected to be released on a digital platform soon.