Selena Gomez

Who’s ready for what’s cooking (burning?) – new episodes and recipes out today on @hbomax

Sanam Saeed

Feast your eyes and ears on some brilliant performances, impeccable art direction, a badass soundtrack and a kickass, thought provoking, true, in your face, raw, unnerving real, entertaining, gripping, empowering, women dominated script. #churails

vasay chaudhry

The way Pakistani's across the country have NOT been giving a damn about SOP's and social distancing lately, while "Celebrating the death of Corona Virus”, I really wonder what will happen by September. #corona virus


Passed by a shop in Spinningfields #Manchester. Nobody, absolutely nobody was wearing a mask! Is the pandemic over guys?

Mehreen Syed

Pakistani-American astrophysicist Nargis Mavalvala becomes the first woman to be named as the dean of @MIT School of Science. Such a proud moment!