Chocolate snows down on Swiss town due to factory defect

  • 29 Aug - 04 Sep, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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Waking up to a town coated in chocolate powder sounds like a childhood fantasy, but for some residents in Olten, Switzerland, it was a reality one morning. Popular chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli has confirmed local reports that there was a defect in the cooling ventilation for a line of roasted cocoa nibs in its factory in Olten. The nibs are fragments of crushed cocoa beans, serving as the basis of processed chocolate. The ventilation error, combined with high winds, caused a chocolate powder to spread throughout the area immediately surrounding the factory, leaving a fine dust. A Twitter account for the town of Olten, which lies between the larger cities of Zurich and Basel, shared a photo of a surface that had been dusted with the chocolate. “Cocoa rain in the Olten industrial quarter: the ventilation system is to blame,” the translated tweet said. Lindt & Sprüngli told that a car was lightly coated with chocolate after the incident. The company has since offered to pay for any necessary cleaning, though the offer has not yet been taken up on, and factory production is able to resume as normal following a ventilation system repair. The chocolate particles were harmless to both people and the environment, Lindt & Sprüngli said.