The Comeback

In Ella Berman's The Comeback, a young actress takes control of her life after being manipulated by a powerful Hollywood director. One year after disappearing from the spotlight, Grace is sober and ready to reconnect with the people she left behind, but when she's asked to present a lifetime achievement award to the man who almost destroyed her, Grace decides she's ready to fight back.

All the Right Mistakes

Laura Jamison's All the Right Mistakes is a story that's not only about the choices we make, but how we deal with all of the obstacles that come with being an adult. At 40, Elizabeth, Sara, Martha, Carmen, and Heather are wildly successful in their careers, but when Heather uses the personal choices of her friends as the basis for an advice book on mistakes women should avoid making, they begin to question their decisions.

Behind the Red Door

Behind the Red Door by Megan Collins is a story of repressed memories and long-buried secrets. In this haunting thriller, Fern Douglas realises that she has a personal connection to a famous kidnapping once the victim, Astrid, is taken again as an adult. Now, Fern must piece together the puzzle that is her fractured memory in order to find the missing Astrid and the truth about her past.