The Rain: Season 3

  • 29 Aug - 04 Sep, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

The Rain is one of those post-apocalyptic romps that severely under-utilises its premise. With an intriguing hook and idea early on, it quickly dried up and descended into a melodrama. With more of a supernatural vibe, fans turned away by the second season will undoubtedly be disappointed with this third and final offering. Despite teasing a new direction going forward last year, season three slips back into old habits with all the same tropes and flaws in the past cropping up. Given the world-ending implications, this drama does feel unusually small. While interesting on paper, toward the middle of the season everything descends into formulaic good vs evil territory as battle lines are drawn and a sibling rivalry looks set to settle the fate of the world. Along the way, The Rain takes some pretty questionable detours that offset the pacing and consequently gives the show more of a lethargic feel than it should. There’s definitely an overwhelming feel that this show has run out of ideas. It’s not all bad though, it does have a few decent individual moments. A few shocking twists late on offer up a nice change of pace and it’s refreshing to see that not everyone makes it to the finish line. The series does introduce a few interesting narrative beats along the way but most of this is poorly executed.