The Great Heist aka El Robo Del Siglo

  • 29 Aug - 04 Sep, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Netflix has been killing it recently with its international releases, and The Great Heist aka El Robo Del Siglo is no exception. Inspired by true events, the Colombian thriller paced its chronicling of the real-life event that took place in 1994 where Colombia's Bank of the Republic suffered at the hands of a band of thieves. Known as the "robbery of the century", the suspense of the series keeps viewers on their toes. If you enjoyed shows like Money Heist, then The Great Heist should definitely be your next binge-worthy watch. The six episodes are excellent and keep you hooked throughout. From its action-packed drama to its undeniably conniving characters, the thrilling narrative would be the best reason to watch the series. The limited series definitely has an alluring storyline with the beginning giving us Breaking Bad vibes. The actors involved in this project are excellent in their craft, with expressions that keep you guessing and that "oomph" we all look for to keep a storyline interesting. As for the direction, it didn’t outshine the script but it was well put together. The episodes have intense progression, and most of the focus is obviously the robbery - it's hard to take your mind off that.